There's No Place Like Home : Petsitting
Why choose a pet sitting service over boarding?

* Your pet remains in the safety and familiar surroundings of their own home.

* His/her normal diet and routine are maintained.

* He/she will be cared for by a trusted, reliable individual who will shower your dog or cat with lots of personal TLC.

* Your pet will not be exposed to the animals of strangers, and will not return home with unwanted fleas, kennel cough, or stress related issues.

* You will not have the inconvenience of dropping your pet off and picking him/her up during specific hours. This can result in extra money spent!

* A pet sitter offers much more than animal care. We provide HOME SECURITY by visiting your house several times a day, picking up mail, newspapers, packages, turning lights on/off, and collecting garbage bins. We also feed other small animals (fish, birds, etc.), water plants, and circumvent emergency situations regarding your house or property. This is a lot of bang for your buck!

Why choose OUR service over other pet sitting services in the area?

* Due to our discounted rate for multiple visits, we beat our competitors' rates hands down. We also do NOT charge per animal, add additional fees for holiday visits, last minute calls, extra time spent with your pet, etc. Check out our low rates here.

* Because our service has one pet sitter - me - you will have the comfort of always knowing who is taking care of your pet. This enables me to build a trusting, consistent relationship with him/her.

* Finally, your babies are OUR babies too! This is the philosophy behind our business and we really mean it. We have several 4-legged children ourselves, and we know how much we worry about them when we have to entrust their care to others.